Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 8 - Currency Museum

Tucked away, in the Bank of Canada building, is the Currency Museum.

In the lobby is a lovely tropical atrium, frequently used for wedding photographs. A charming and warm spot to sit on a chilly winter's day. In the atrium, before entering the museum, stands a huge stone used as currency on one of the Pacific Islands. Not something you could carry in your wallet!

The museum itself allows no photographs (I hate that!) so no more visuals, I'm afraid. It was very interesting. It showed the history of money from early shells and copper twists to today's unusual new $100 and $50 dollar bills. It showed early money across a number of cultures then narrowed the focus to Canada. Fascinating how much money has evolved over the years and is continuing to evolve - the last "temporary" exhibit showed credit, debit and cash cards now being used in lieu of currency. Not sure why this was a "temporary" exhibit as that trend is increasing!   

Definitely worth a visit.

Thanks to John for joining me on this week's little adventure! Did you have an adventure this week?

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  1. I am glad you discovered some warmer venues for your last 2 adventures!

    (I love that the last one you followed your love of the moon to someplace fun!)