Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 11 - Sussex Drive Scenic Walk

Part of Micro Adventuring to me is seeing familiar scenes in different ways. When friends come to Ottawa to visit - part of "the tour" is usually a car outing down Sussex Drive. This week I decided to walk it. The day started off a cool 7 degrees C. The view of the Ottawa River, where the Rideau River meets it, was still foggy...

But it cleared rapidly. First stop (and free parking) were the Rideau Falls - they pale in comparison to Niagara but they are handy to visit!


And the walk started... looking at historical markers along the way to the Governor General's Residence...

One of the first schools...

This part of Sussex Drive houses many Residences and Embassies:

Prime Minister's Residence

entrance to the Governor General's Residence

South African high Commission (How did they end up across the street from the Prime Minister?? 
(Very odd)

Now walking towards downtown...

French Embassy

Closer to downtown - British High Commission

Delegation of Ismaili Imamat (?? must look that one up...)

Saudi Arabia



Other fascinating important buildings on this walk include the historic...

The Royal Canadian Mint from a variety of angles...

The former War Museum building...

The National Research Council

And the slightly more modern....

Old City Hall (3 above)

Dept. of External Affairs

View of Week 4's Adventure (Museum of Civilization) from across the river.

(Probably too many photos in this post - and that wasn't all of them! Posting these has been way too time consuming so another reason to try for further brevity...) 

This scenic walk was a great micro adventure and I will definitely be doing more of them. Walking again, after the winter, felt wonderful and I walked over 13,700 steps that day! Great incentive to do more of these.