Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 12 - Play, The Clock and great Memories

After the last adventure filled with photos, I didn't even remember to pull out my camera for my next little adventure. This week some of my girlfriends and I went out in the Byward Market area for a girls' night out. First up was Play Food and Wine where we shared a number of delicious small plates. Wine and conversation flowed.

The National Gallery of Canada has had a special exhibit by Christian Marclay called "The Clock". A very unique exhibit in many ways. Unlike most art at the National Gallery, this is video art. It is a 24 hour film consisting of clips from movies and TV, showing clocks with every minute of the day displayed. Sounds very odd, yet ...

Thursday nights the exhibit is open all night. After dinner we walked over to the gallery and lined up. About 45 minutes later we went in and found a place to sit on the floor and watched for @ an hour. (A busy time of day obviously!) It was fascinating! Definitely worth going back and checking out another time of day.

After leaving the Gallery, we ventured back to Memories and shared an overflowing Blueberry Crumble Pie and tasty German Chocolate Coconut Cake.

Thanks to Loraine, Deborah and Nicole for sharing this lovely spring adventure with me!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Week 11 - Sussex Drive Scenic Walk

Part of Micro Adventuring to me is seeing familiar scenes in different ways. When friends come to Ottawa to visit - part of "the tour" is usually a car outing down Sussex Drive. This week I decided to walk it. The day started off a cool 7 degrees C. The view of the Ottawa River, where the Rideau River meets it, was still foggy...

But it cleared rapidly. First stop (and free parking) were the Rideau Falls - they pale in comparison to Niagara but they are handy to visit!


And the walk started... looking at historical markers along the way to the Governor General's Residence...

One of the first schools...

This part of Sussex Drive houses many Residences and Embassies:

Prime Minister's Residence

entrance to the Governor General's Residence

South African high Commission (How did they end up across the street from the Prime Minister?? 
(Very odd)

Now walking towards downtown...

French Embassy

Closer to downtown - British High Commission

Delegation of Ismaili Imamat (?? must look that one up...)

Saudi Arabia



Other fascinating important buildings on this walk include the historic...

The Royal Canadian Mint from a variety of angles...

The former War Museum building...

The National Research Council

And the slightly more modern....

Old City Hall (3 above)

Dept. of External Affairs

View of Week 4's Adventure (Museum of Civilization) from across the river.

(Probably too many photos in this post - and that wasn't all of them! Posting these has been way too time consuming so another reason to try for further brevity...) 

This scenic walk was a great micro adventure and I will definitely be doing more of them. Walking again, after the winter, felt wonderful and I walked over 13,700 steps that day! Great incentive to do more of these. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 8 - Currency Museum

Tucked away, in the Bank of Canada building, is the Currency Museum.

In the lobby is a lovely tropical atrium, frequently used for wedding photographs. A charming and warm spot to sit on a chilly winter's day. In the atrium, before entering the museum, stands a huge stone used as currency on one of the Pacific Islands. Not something you could carry in your wallet!

The museum itself allows no photographs (I hate that!) so no more visuals, I'm afraid. It was very interesting. It showed the history of money from early shells and copper twists to today's unusual new $100 and $50 dollar bills. It showed early money across a number of cultures then narrowed the focus to Canada. Fascinating how much money has evolved over the years and is continuing to evolve - the last "temporary" exhibit showed credit, debit and cash cards now being used in lieu of currency. Not sure why this was a "temporary" exhibit as that trend is increasing!   

Definitely worth a visit.

Thanks to John for joining me on this week's little adventure! Did you have an adventure this week?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 7 - New Wine and Food Venue

The plan was to go to Dow's Lake (where the skating part of the Rideau Canal ends) and see what was on the ice and maybe, just maybe try skating. Unfortunately, the weather warmed up and the canal was closed. 

drive-by cellphone photo of Dow's Lake with no skaters...

Near Dow's Lake is Ottawa's Little Italy - aka Preston Street - where there are numerous restaurant and bars. And not all are Italian either! So instead of going to Dow's Lake we drove a bit further - into Little Italy.

drive-by and out of focus entry onto Preston Street and into Little Italy

I rarely come into this area, though I now know I must visit more frequently! Driving through the area recently, I noticed a place called the Moonroom. Well - the name intrigued me (anything with the Moon in it usually does!) and I had stopped by once before but it was too crowded to enter. This time, it was quiet and it turned out to be a perfect spot to chat and catch up with a good friend. I enjoyed the electronic lounge music in the background and the delicious "Heavyweight" wine as well as the fun appetizer plates. 

The Moonroom - an enjoyable little find.

Definitely worth another visit! Thanks to Diana for joining me in exploring!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 6 - Winterlude

This week I got outdoors (at -15c) and went to Winterlude for the first time in years. Winterlude is the main winter festival in Ottawa and takes advantage of our Rideau Canal - which, in winter, turns into the world's longest skating rink. 

I didn't join the skaters, though at some point I'd like to. I no longer have skates. I did borrow a pair but they are way too big. I was alone - not what you want to be when you haven't been on skates in decades... I was, however, adventurous enough to walk down the canal a bit - carefully!

Skaters on the Canal

Winterlude includes an incredible display of ice sculptures, so I wandered over to the Crystal Garden to check them out (wishing I'd worn leotards or long underwear under my jeans  - or snowpants over them).

Entering the Crystal Garden

Men at work sculpting...

Figures climbing a face...

On horseback...

The long view of the garden - protected against the warming sun's rays....

Bears and beavers...

My photos don't really do these ice sculptures justice... The photographing conditions were far from ideal - between the crowds, the lighting and my photo taking expertise (or lack thereof). Double clicking on the image and enlarging it does help some. You can see how intricate many of these are. Once finished, they really glisten!

Outdoors - Heart Shamrock

Fiberglass Wolf art...

Skate and hockey stick sculpture...

Canadian Forces Ice Sculpture

 Queen's Jubilee Snow Sculpture


Mitten sculpture

 And a visit to Winterlude would not be complete without sampling the festival culinary fare...

Beavertail (like a churro sort of... but long and flat) and a Hot Chocolate!

Looking towards the Parliament Buildings with the National Arts Centre on the left.

This week's adventure reminded me how beautiful the city is and how lucky we are to have the canal running down its center. It was nice to get some fresh air for a change as well. More outdoor adventures to come!