Monday, February 13, 2012

Week 6 - Winterlude

This week I got outdoors (at -15c) and went to Winterlude for the first time in years. Winterlude is the main winter festival in Ottawa and takes advantage of our Rideau Canal - which, in winter, turns into the world's longest skating rink. 

I didn't join the skaters, though at some point I'd like to. I no longer have skates. I did borrow a pair but they are way too big. I was alone - not what you want to be when you haven't been on skates in decades... I was, however, adventurous enough to walk down the canal a bit - carefully!

Skaters on the Canal

Winterlude includes an incredible display of ice sculptures, so I wandered over to the Crystal Garden to check them out (wishing I'd worn leotards or long underwear under my jeans  - or snowpants over them).

Entering the Crystal Garden

Men at work sculpting...

Figures climbing a face...

On horseback...

The long view of the garden - protected against the warming sun's rays....

Bears and beavers...

My photos don't really do these ice sculptures justice... The photographing conditions were far from ideal - between the crowds, the lighting and my photo taking expertise (or lack thereof). Double clicking on the image and enlarging it does help some. You can see how intricate many of these are. Once finished, they really glisten!

Outdoors - Heart Shamrock

Fiberglass Wolf art...

Skate and hockey stick sculpture...

Canadian Forces Ice Sculpture

 Queen's Jubilee Snow Sculpture


Mitten sculpture

 And a visit to Winterlude would not be complete without sampling the festival culinary fare...

Beavertail (like a churro sort of... but long and flat) and a Hot Chocolate!

Looking towards the Parliament Buildings with the National Arts Centre on the left.

This week's adventure reminded me how beautiful the city is and how lucky we are to have the canal running down its center. It was nice to get some fresh air for a change as well. More outdoor adventures to come!

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  1. This is so much fun, EVA - I absolutely adore your adventurous spirit! Those ice sculptures are incredible. I'm not wild about those temperatures, but a hot chocolate sounds wonderful (and I'd love to try a beaver tail - I've never heard of that! Are they filled with anything?)


    p.s. Don't forget your long underwear on your next adventure ;)