Monday, February 20, 2012

Week 7 - New Wine and Food Venue

The plan was to go to Dow's Lake (where the skating part of the Rideau Canal ends) and see what was on the ice and maybe, just maybe try skating. Unfortunately, the weather warmed up and the canal was closed. 

drive-by cellphone photo of Dow's Lake with no skaters...

Near Dow's Lake is Ottawa's Little Italy - aka Preston Street - where there are numerous restaurant and bars. And not all are Italian either! So instead of going to Dow's Lake we drove a bit further - into Little Italy.

drive-by and out of focus entry onto Preston Street and into Little Italy

I rarely come into this area, though I now know I must visit more frequently! Driving through the area recently, I noticed a place called the Moonroom. Well - the name intrigued me (anything with the Moon in it usually does!) and I had stopped by once before but it was too crowded to enter. This time, it was quiet and it turned out to be a perfect spot to chat and catch up with a good friend. I enjoyed the electronic lounge music in the background and the delicious "Heavyweight" wine as well as the fun appetizer plates. 

The Moonroom - an enjoyable little find.

Definitely worth another visit! Thanks to Diana for joining me in exploring!

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