Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 12 - Play, The Clock and great Memories

After the last adventure filled with photos, I didn't even remember to pull out my camera for my next little adventure. This week some of my girlfriends and I went out in the Byward Market area for a girls' night out. First up was Play Food and Wine where we shared a number of delicious small plates. Wine and conversation flowed.

The National Gallery of Canada has had a special exhibit by Christian Marclay called "The Clock". A very unique exhibit in many ways. Unlike most art at the National Gallery, this is video art. It is a 24 hour film consisting of clips from movies and TV, showing clocks with every minute of the day displayed. Sounds very odd, yet ...

Thursday nights the exhibit is open all night. After dinner we walked over to the gallery and lined up. About 45 minutes later we went in and found a place to sit on the floor and watched for @ an hour. (A busy time of day obviously!) It was fascinating! Definitely worth going back and checking out another time of day.

After leaving the Gallery, we ventured back to Memories and shared an overflowing Blueberry Crumble Pie and tasty German Chocolate Coconut Cake.

Thanks to Loraine, Deborah and Nicole for sharing this lovely spring adventure with me!