Feeling Adventurous?

I am. I love the idea of grand and even extreme adventuring. Lately however, I have felt more like an armchair adventurer, living vicariously through others efforts. I haven't taken the time or developed the skill to take on some of the grand adventures that I read about. I want that to change.

When I decided on CONNECT for my Word of the Year (or it decided on me), many ways to connect began to jump into my mind. Two of the countless things I wanted to connect with were to my sense of adventure and to the city I live in (Ottawa).

There were a few things that prompted this idea. First was last year's (failed) attempt to join some of my artist friends in taking a weekly "Artist Date" a la Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way. I loved the idea but seemed rarely able to follow through. Partly I think it was because she said they should be alone/by yourself and partly because they seemed to be mostly about art - which I love  - but that didn't bring forth many ideas to me for things to do. The other idea that propelled me was reading about one of National Geographic's Adventurers of the Year - Alistair Humphreys who took microadventures around Great Britain in 2011. I loved this idea.

His adventures were extreme. I am on a perhaps the other end of the spectrum from Alistair's extreme adventuring. An adventure to me is getting out of the house and doing something different. Something physical or something intellectual, something alone or something with other people. Something I haven't done for years or something I have never done. For these adventures, anything goes and company is welcome!

Blogging about it weekly aims to help keep me on track in putting myself out there. And if  you can't join me in person, maybe you can have an adventure in your city and tell me all about it!

To Adventure!