Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3 - TMT Predictions Presentation

After two weeks of visiting museums, a business presentation may seem odd. I think it fits as a micro-adventure as it is something I mean to do more of and rarely get around to it, and it was held at a location I have not attended a meeting at until now.

I have always liked to attend lectures and learn more from the speakers. Yet, other than when I am out of town at conferences, I rarely take the time to do this in my own city. When I saw that Duncan Stewart and his team at Deloitte were bringing their TMT (Technology, Media and Telecommunications) Predictions Roadshow for 2012 to Ottawa, it seemed worth attending (and worthy as a micro-adventure with a busy weekend coming  up).

Held at the lovely Brookstreet Hotel in Kanata - where I haven't attended any meetings until now - it started with a very early and very chilly drive to the far end of the city. The room was packed with the opportunity for networking pre-presentation. The discussions on big data, new trends in online advertising, increasing use of tablets and smartphones, fMRI and rapid prototyping were fascinating.

Now, as always, the challenge will be to see if I can take the information I have learned and apply it in some way - to make it valuable versus interesting. One thing I did learn was that lectures and talks will continue to be part of my series of micro-adventurres.

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  1. This is a fun site, EVA! It is great to get a glimpse of Ottawa through your eyes and I've really enjoyed reading your adventures so far. (But -22 degrees?!? I think the furthest adventure I would take would be to my couch in front of a fire! Ha! Katie must reaaaally love you! Hee hee!)

    I look forward to reading more adventures...