Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2 - Museum of Science and Technology

-22 degrees C.

Too cold for many adventures, at least for this heat loving girl! Another warm, indoors museum it is!

One of the great things about living in the nation's capital (probably any nation's capital) is that there are many wonderful museums present. This week I chose the Museum of Science and Technology. It is focused on the history of science, technology and innovation within Canada.

Some things have not changed in years. The trains/locomotive displays are still there. I remember climbing on them as a child.

Trains - even someone waiting in the "station" reading a book!

 The Space exhibit remains (Yay! My favourite subject!) and has been expanded somewhat.

 Why Go to Space...
(not well answered!)

 Sounding Rocket

Black Brandt

When I walk through and peruse these exhibits, I listen for the small voice. The one that says - "Remember? This used to fascinate you? Does it still?" And sometimes the answer is "Yes!" In the Museum of Nature, I found I was still intrigued by fossils and rocks. Fossils and Rocks. Paleontology and Geology. Interesting...

In the Museum of Science and Technology - Space, Energy, Innovation - these are compelling interests of mine, and glass (who knew!) was far more fascinating that I expected.

Moon Power - lol - first time I've heard tidal power called that!

Amazing transformer - wish there were more of those around here!

Recycled glass countertops!

Undersea innovation

If these areas fascinate me - and in some cases, have for years - just viewing exhibits in Museums is not enough. The question becomes - what is? What is the next step? What more do I need/want to learn about these topics?

This voyage of discovery is becoming not just about my city - it is about learning about myself, about forgotten interests and areas to explore in depth in the future.

What micro adventure have you been on?

Thanks to Katie for joining me!

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