Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 1 - First Museum Adventure - NATURE

Ottawa has fabulous museums. It's odd however, how easy it is to have them all around you and never visit them.

Part of my year of micro adventures will be exploring all the city/region has to offer in terms of indoor activities as well as well as the great variety of outdoor activities.

First up was the recently renovated Museum of Nature.

It reopened last year after significant structural renovations caused by its location on leda clay. It has a new glass tower - the original stone tower was taken down in 1916 as the clay caused it to lean - hmm perhaps if it had been structurally sound enough we could have had the Leaning Tower of Ottawa!

There are some new exhibits as well as many of the classic favourites. The Dinosaurs are always great to see.

It is fascinating how many dinosaur bones have been found in Canada, especially in the prairies and I just discovered in the Arctic as well -  of forests. At one point the prairies were underwater and the Arctic was warmer than Ottawa. There are new Arctic exhibits. Birds, mammals, water, rocks are all covered. I love seeing all the fascinating and unusual rocks and geological exhibits. If there was an insect exhibit, I must have missed it. (My entomologist cousin would be disappointed...) Especially awesome are the paintings that make up the backdrop of many of the exhibits. What talented artists!

Depending on how much time you want to spend reading and studying the exhibits, this can be a great Museum for a quick visit. A good first adventure and a lovely museum!

(Note to self - must bring real camera versus cellphone camera...)

Thanks to Katie for joining me on this adventure!

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